10 Effective Ways to Tease Your Boyfriend 09/06/11

Guys love to tease and be teased. Just listen to a group of guys talk sometime. They hardly ever say a serious word. They’re always teasing one another about something or other. That’s how they have fun. So how can you use this knowledge to make your relationship a little more fun? Here’s ten ways you can tease your boyfriend.

  1. Avoid his kiss – Just turn your head at the last minute when he moves in for a kiss. Guys love a chase and a challenge. Make him work at getting that kiss.
  2. Facebook comments – Make fun of his comments on facebook. He’s sure to have a comeback and you can both have a little flirty fun while connecting over the internet.
  3. Ignore him – Pretend not to notice him when he walks in the room or sits next to you. Make him beg for your attention. Then turn around and plant a big kiss on him just let him know you were teasing.
  4. A little pinch – Walk up behind him and grab his butt when he’s not expecting it. You’re bound to get a jump out of him. Just watch out. He’ll be sure to pay you back next time you’re not expecting it.
  5. Text – Use your texting to setup some teasing opportunities with your guy and get him smiling.
  6. Splash – This is just a natural way to get something started when you’re at the pool or the beach. But you don’t have to wait for those times. A little splash of water from a fountain or flick of water in the face from wet hands will work just as well. Safe, harmless and fun.
  7. Mess the hair – Guys can be just as particular about their hair as any girl, but you can probably get by with mussing it up as you walk past him. He’ll love the attention, in spite of the messy hair.
  8. Take his hat – If he’s a hat wearer, then grabbing his hat off his head as you’re passing behind him will be a great way to get his attention and get him heading after you.
  9. Ask his mother – Get his mother talking about when he was a little boy. She’s sure to give you plenty of embarrassing stories to bring up and tease him about.
  10. Root for the other team – When you’re watching sports on TV, start cheering for the apposing team. You might even want to show up in the other team’s colors or jersey to really get to him.

Teasing can be fun, as long as you both have a good sense of humor, and it doesn’t get out of hand. If you’re going to be a tease, you do need to be prepared to receive it in return. That’s just fair play, after all.

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