10 Things Men Admire About Other Men 10/02/11

There are many things that men admire about other men, from having more of something or less of something, to knowing more or having the capability to do more. No matter what the situation is, many men don’t like to admit just what they admire about other men, but just can’t deny that there are those things that they have to wish they had themselves. When it comes to men, there are common interests, from cars to sports, and all the in between.  However, there are other things that are held in higher regard by men, causing them to admire those that are able to get those things they aren’t able to obtain. If you still have no idea what could be going through a man’s mind in admiration of another, here are 10 things men admire about other men.

  1. Another man’s woman. There are many men out there that could have the greatest wife, but when he sees another man walking arm in arm with a bombshell, his appreciation for his own woman decreases as he begins to admire the other man’s woman. This is a common admiration between men and is seen in more men than you’d think.
  2. Another man’s car or cars. It’s one thing to have one terrific vehicle, but imagine seeing another man with more than one awesome vehicle parked in his lavish driveway. When a man sees this from another man, the admiration kicks in and can sometimes serve as motivation to get his own.
  3. Another man’s wealth. All men want to be the bread winner, bring home the bacon and ensure a secure future for his family. Unfortunately, great wealth is only bestowed upon so few, which is why men often admire another man’s wealth when it is much greater than his own.
  4. Another man’s hair. This is the case of admiration over having a little more, as some men are losing while others are pruning. When a man with balding hair sees another man with a full and great head of hair, he often begins to admire what he no longer has and may never have again.
  5. Another man’s golf swing. Golf is not the profession of many, isn’t a skill of too many, but is always the subject of admiration between men as one may perform better than another. Where does the admiration come from? Well, golf has always been a sign of prestige and when a man can play great, it’s a sign of future greatness and a status above others.
  6. Another man’s shoes. You would think this was an isolated admiration to only women, but in fact, there are many men that will admire another man’s shoes, from gators to the newest Jordan release and more.
  7. Another man’s job. All men want the perfect job; the job that is going to allow them to sit lovely for the rest of their lives with great retirement benefits and perfect health and medical benefits. However, this job only comes to some and those without will often admire the man who has the great job they want so badly.
  8. Another man’s leniency at home. Some men have strict women who don’t let them do much and will even keep them from enjoying a great night out with the pals, but then you have the men that have the women that let them do just about anything they want. These men are highly admired by other men for the leniency they get at home as all men wish they could have that.
  9. Another man’s sports skill. One thing that is on every man’s mind is sports and all men want to be the best at sports. When a man is really great at sports, you will find that a lot of other men are in great admiration, wishing they too could be the best.
  10. Another man’s capabilities. This is an admiration with no bias, as men will often admire the capabilities of other men when they are superior to their own. This can be in any arena:   handy work, automotive, or any other abilities the men might have that some just can’t get together.

All men have something that they admire about other men, whether it is a full head of hair, a great woman, or a home life that is better than most. There is nothing wrong with a little admiration, and it can be quite interesting to see just what other men find admirable about you.

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