10 Things a Kiss Giggle Could Mean 02/01/12

What do you suppose a Kiss Giggle is?  Is it a person, place or thing?  Is it bigger than a bread box?  Does it make noise?  Can you eat or drink it?  Is it something you do?  Check out 10 things a kiss giggle could mean.

  1. Maybe it’s a drink: This drink has champagne and chocolate liquor in it.  The kiss is the chocolate and the giggle is what you do when you get the champagne bubbles in your nose.  This drink is great for New Year’s Eve. If you want to get a little fancy you can rim the glasses with melted chocolate and refrigerate them until right before you are ready to serve the drinks.
  2. Maybe it’s a new food: It’s shaped like a little kiss and when you eat it the texture makes you giggle.  It bubbles and pops in your mouth like it has pop rocks in it.  The kiss shape is made out of meringue and dried out in the oven over night.  The next morning you hollow out a hole in the bottom and fill it with pop rocks.  Then spread a little chocolate on the bottom to seal it up.  You can also use frosting for this.
  3. It might be a new candy: Shaped like a kiss and has a chocolate outer shell and inside it’s filled with fizzy candy that makes you giggle in delight.  Find a chocolate mold shaped like a kiss and pour it full of chocolate.  Then let it set up for 30 seconds before tipping out the liquid chocolate.  Clean off the mold from where the chocolate drained out and then put the chocolate in the refrigerator to chill.  This step should only take 20 minutes.  Then leave the shells in the mold and fill the inside with fizzy candy.  Take a piping bag and top off the bottom of the kiss to enclose the fizzy candy.  Put it back in the refrigerator until its set.  Now unmold your Kiss Giggles.
  4. Maybe it’s a new way to kiss: You hang upside down and when you kiss a person who is standing up then you both giggle when you are done.
  5. It could be a new toy: This is a big fluffy pink stuffed animal.  When the child tickles it the doll giggles and makes kissing noises.  When you push its hand it says, “I love you” This year’s newest gotta have toy for Valentine’s Day is the Kiss Giggle, or is it?
  6. Maybe it’s the newest dance move: You wiggle to the left and you wiggle to the right and then you turn and kiss your partner.  Then you drop down to the floor and jump back up and rub your tummy while you giggle and laugh.
  7. It’s the title to the newest romance novel: Boy meets girl and they hit it off and the first time he kissed her she couldn’t stop giggling.  It was her nerves, but he was afraid she didn’t enjoy the kiss.  The book plays out and there’s a lot more to the story line, but in the end he finds the fact that she giggles when they kiss to be quite charming.
  8. Maybe it’s a new greeting: You know how people air-kiss each other?  This is a new greeting where they kiss each other on the cheek and then giggle.
  9. It is the latest skateboard move for girls: For years skateboarding has been mostly an interest for boys, but now the girls are really getting into it.  They are creating their own signature moves.  The latest is the Kiss Giggle and the Kiss Giggle with a twist.  The skateboarder rides down the ramp and then while in the air she kisses her board and then giggles as she lands the move perfectly.
  10. Maybe it’s the latest game: You’ve heard of spin the bottle right?  Well this is the updated version that kids are playing.  All the girls put their cells phones into one bag and the boys put their cell phones into another bag.  Someone who isn’t playing reaches into each bag bringing out one cell phone.  The two people whose cell phone that they picked, have to kiss.  There is usually a lot of giggling that goes on after the kiss and by everyone that is watching them kiss.  It’s a pretty harmless game for young tweens who are nervous about their first kiss.

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